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Website Maintenance Service

I’ll make sure your website is kept completely up-to-date!

The Internet is a dynamic environment. As it changes so must your webpage to keep up with the latest advances and new threats. All websites will require ongoing updates and maintenance to protect against the latest online threats and to maintain optimal loading times. My Maintenance Service ensures that your website remains secure from all known threats while continuing to load fast. This leaves you free to concentrate on your actual service.


Hackers are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities and loopholes in webpages that they can use to gain access to your personal data and make changes to the website itself. This is why it is necessary to upgrade your website’s software regularly as the newer code will have fixed all of the known bugs as they are discovered, thus keeping your site as secure as possible from attacks.


Part of keeping your website up and running is taking regular backups. In case of the unexpected the backup will ensure that your site can be quickly restored and brought online again.

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Maintenance Options

One-Off Maintenance

You can, of course, choose to go with a one-off maintenance service for your website. In that case, I will install all necessary upgrades available at the time your website goes live and take a backup of your website.
My hourly rate for one-off website maintenance is $50.00.

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Together we’ll ensure your site is totally up-to-date technically and remains secure!

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