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“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers”

Designing and Building Websites that Sell

A beautiful website does not necessarily mean a functional, selling website

It can actually cause you to lose customers and income. Your website must expand your business. It’s very important that your website is intuitive, functional and has great usability.

To design and develop a website that enhances your business it is important that I get to know you and your business thoroughly. We need to work together.

The most important question we need to answer before we start with the website design is: What do you want to achieve with your website?
If you have been able to answer the 10 questions, you will have a fairly clear idea about that.  If not we will work on it together. Possible answers can be:” I want people to contact me to make an appointment.”  Or: “I want people to know about the healing services I provide and phone me for a session.”  Or maybe: “I want that visitors to my site subscribe to my e-zine.”

Once you are clear on the purpose of your website, we can build on that during the design.


“Research shows that the average visitor to your website will decide within 3-5 seconds if they are going to stay or click away”

So, you have just seconds for a first impression

And if they choose to look further, then you have to convince them that you are the one they are looking for.
How do we do this?

1  Keeping your clients focused on your service by answering the 5 most important questions on the main page:

  • What is your service?
  • What makes your service unique?
  • What are you offering here?
  • What can the prospective client do here?
  • Where should the prospective client click next?

2  Keeping navigation clear and intuitive

We will ensure that visitors understand intuitively how to move through your website to get the information they need and encourage them to contact you through the website or make purchases within the website. Visitors always have their finger on the mouse button, they naturally want to click, so we will make it easy for them to know where they should click next.

3  Making it personal

We all prefer to deal with people we know and trust so we will personalise your website to reflect your personality and the passion you have for the services and products you offer.

4  Content is King

When readers recognise that their needs are central to your products and services they will become clients. Relevant up-to-date information, presented in a personal manner will keep them returning to your website, to read what you offer and this will build trust and relationship.

5  Show Testimonials

Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get and testimonials are one way of spreading the word. Let your existing clients speak for you!

Responsive design

Just over half of all internet visitors use a mobile phone or tablet while only 18.7% of all websites are smart phone and tablet responsive. This means that around 80% of all websites will not optimally display to visitors and therefore lose income. Additionally, the Google search engine is now identifying “mobile friendly” websites and ranks them higher in the results for mobile users. We will therefore design your website to function across a range of devices.

I use the WordPress platform!

WordPress is the main website design tool in use today that produces responsive websites automatically adjusting to any screen size available. This is the main reason I use it.

Additionally, once it’s created WordPress can automatically manage many of the technical aspects of your website. You supply the initial content and I’ll use WordPress to create the desired look and functionality. This means that after it is all set up, you can decide which parts you would like to change yourself. Maybe all pages, some or none.

WordPress logo
Why you should use WordPress

  1. WordPress is extremely user-friendly!
    Once set up managing your WordPress site is simple. The text editor looks a lot like Word and images are added with just a few clicks. It is easy to reverse back to previous content if the new content doesn’t look as good as you envisaged.
  2. Google just loves WordPress
    WordPress websites are easy for Google to understand and using WordPress will typically boost the ranking of your site.
  3. Plugins
    WordPress uses plugins (small, readymade functions such as the ability to play a video within your webpage) that can be easily added without the need to create it from scratch. If there’s a specialty feature you want, there’s probably already a plugin for it.
  4. Transportability
    Of course I assume that when we start working together it will be a business realtionship that will last a long time. But in the unforseen circumstance that you would like to work with another webdesigner, this will give few problems as there are many web designers working with the WordPress platform.

Taking the next step

I use the following process to ensure a successful project and a stress-free experience.

Step 1. Getting to know You and Your Business

Building on your responses to the “10 questions” process we can work together in person, on the phone, via email or Skype. We’ll explore your passion, your unique service/business characteristics and how you got so good at what you offer! This information will form the foundation of your website.

Step 2. Wishes, Requirements and Design

Together we make a list of requirements and wishes. I then make an initial design of the homepage and possibly one other page. At this point I can also give you the cost of the website development.
When we are in agreement on the list of wishes and requirements, you like the initial design and the price, then I can start building your website.

Step 3. Development and User Training

The entire website will now be created and you will be provided with a personal link to see the development for yourself. If you opt for training in managing the site we will start training at this time.
When the website is completed and you have signed off on the project the website will ‘go live”.

Step 4. Going Live
The website will be moved to the web address of your choice and will be available to the public. If you opted for training in managing the site we will complete the training at this time.

Step 5. Maintenance
Like all webpages, the software for WordPress sites needs to be kept up-to-date otherwise your site will become vulnerable to hackers. I have a number of maintenance packages you can chose from here.

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